Carpet is a common type of flooring that is found in both residential and commercial properties. Unfortunately, the owners of these properties are often unable to adequately care for these floor coverings, and this can increase the amount of wear and tear that it will experience. To help you with maintaining your carpet, there are several key strategies that you should be following.

Use Spot Testing With New Cleaning Agents

Whenever you change the cleaning agents that you use for your carpet, you will want to be extremely careful. It can be easy to use substances that may be too harsh or otherwise incompatible with your particular type of carpet. This can lead to instances where the carpet may become discolored or suffer other damages that could seriously impact it. In order to prevent this from occurring with your carpet, you should use a spot test whenever you change the cleaning agents. This spot test should involve applying a small amount of the cleaning agent to the carpet in an area that will be difficult to see. This should allow you to observe whether the cleaning solution damages the carpet so that you can decide whether or not to use it.

Repair Damage To The Fabric

At some point, the fabric of the carpet is likely to suffer some type of damage. Whether this is the form of rips, tears or warped fabric, it is important to take steps to quickly repair these damages. Failing to act quickly to address this type of damage can be harmful to your carpet as it will allow the damage to gradually spread. Luckily, there are carpet repair kits that can be used to address most minor forms of damage. In some instances, you may find that the damage is too severe to be repaired with this option. If you find that this is the case, you can hire a carpet service professional to perform a more thorough repair.

Understand The Benefits Of Using Rugs

Individuals often assume that they do not need to use rugs with their carpet. However, rugs can provide a number of benefits to your carpeting. For example, it is possible for rugs to greatly reduce the amount of wear and tear that is experienced by the carpet. Furthermore, the rugs can minimize discoloration from solar bleaching or spills. For these reasons, you may want to place rugs in the higher traffic areas of the building so that the carpet will be as protected as possible.

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