Having proper drainage in certain points of the floor in areas of your business is highly important. Therefore, the drains that you choose to go in these areas should be considered carefully before they are placed. While most commercial business owners will go with traditional square or rounded floor drains for the purpose, there is another option in floor troughs. Floor troughs are drains that are elongated in shape, usually rectangular, and take up a little more flooring space. However, these troughs have great advantages over regular small drains, especially for certain areas. Here is a look at the top advantages of commercial floor troughs. 

Floor troughs allow more rapid drainage in emergency situations. 

Because floor troughs are wider and larger than regular commercial drains, they allow for a more rapid drainage action when there is a lot of fluid on the floor to wick away. This is incredibly important in some settings. For example, the drains can help remove water quickly if there is an overflowing sink in a retail bathroom or in front of a dishwasher in a commercial kitchen. 

Floor troughs are fairly inconspicuous compared to floor drains. 

Floor troughs can be integrated into the flooring design and installed in preppy inconspicuous areas. They are often tucked alongside walls or under a row of sinks in a retail restroom without attracting a lot of attention. Many of these troughs can be outfitted with cover grates that match up in color or style to the flooring, which makes them even easier to integrate without disrupting the visual flow of the space. 

Floor troughs are less likely to pose a trip hazard in a public place. 

Commercial floor drains tend to have a slightly lowered surface compared to the floor for easy drainage. While this works well, the indentation in the floor can actually be a trip hazard for people walking in the area. Floor troughs are usually installed at a very slight slant to encourage water to drain into the area. This slant is less of a difference in the flooring and less likely to be a trip hazard. Plus, the elongated design makes the trough easier to step right over for most people. 

While traditional floor drains will always have their place in a commercial setting, floor troughs easily offer unavoidable advantages. Check with a flooring sales and service center to find out more about commercial floor drains and troughs.