Most people focus on the color, texture, and finish when shopping for laminate hardwood floors. these are all very important considerations, but you also need to focus on how your product will be insulated. This article explains some of the flooring insulation and heating options available when installing laminate hardwood floors.

Pre-Attached Cushions

Most laminate flooring products have a thin layer of cushion attached to the bottom. This is usually some sort of foam rubber. This has a few benefits. First of all, it makes the installation easier because the cushion goes over uneven spots in the subfloor. The extra insulation cushion also makes the flooring more sound proof and gives it more temperature insulation.

Adding Extra Insulation

Many people just install the hardwood with the attached cushion, but they won't add any further insulation to the subfloor. But, you need to consider where you are going to install your floor. For instance, when installing on a second story, a little bit of extra cushion can't be very valuable. Adding an extra layer of insulation to second-story subfloors, especially if they are made out of wood, can be very helpful for soundproofing. It will help make it so people on the first floor don't hear every footstep above them.

The only real drawback to adding extra insulation to your floor is that it requires more work during installation. However, the process is not that difficult. Insulation comes in rolls that you can quickly roll out onto your support and staple down. Then, you install the hardwood as you normally would over the subfloor. The extra time is definitely worth it if you have a loud home with creaky floors.

Radiant Floor Heat

Extra insulation might not be that helpful on your ground floor or basement, especially if the subfloor is concrete. Even though ground floor concrete can be cold, insulation won't do very much. Installing radiant floor heating is the best way to make sure your hardwood floor is not too chilly. Radiant floor heating is quite expensive. It can cost as much as the entire hardwood flooring installation. However, it is definitely a nice luxury to have, if you can afford it. It is quite eco-friendly because homeowners with radiant floor heating are less likely to turn on their furnace.

There are a lot of things to consider when shopping for laminate hardwood and dealing with hardwood floor installations. make sure you get your floors properly insulated.