Hardwood is a durable choice of materials, but will eventually wear and need a new finish. As your floor starts to show signs of wear, there may also be some damage that needs to be addressed before you can refinish them. You will also want to try to keep the dust down when doing repairs to your floors. Here are a few tips to restore the shine of your hardwood flooring with repairs, dustless sanding and a new finish:

1. Cleaning Wood Floors to Remove Ugly Marks

Over the years, ugly marks may mar your wood floors, which can be removed using different techniques, such as sanding the floors. A dustless floor sanding service can help with the DIY project. Before you try the sanding, you may want to try different methods of cleaning.  Using a bleach solution, you may be able to bleach stains out of the floor before buffing them and applying another coat of finish over the original floor finish. For darker marks, consider using a wood stain that is darker and will hide the damage.

2. Sanding Wood to Remove Old and Worn Finishes

The best way to remove old stains and damage from hardwood is to sand the marks out. Sanding wood floors can be a messy process, but there are now services that can help you get the marks out of your floor without filling your home up with dust. Once the hardwood dustless sanding has been done, you will be ready to apply a new finish to your hardwood floors to give them a new look like that were just installed.

3.Repairing and Refinishing Floors for Your New Flooring Look

Repairing and refinishing floors is another improvement that will need to be done overtime. When you are refinishing the floors, look for boards with signs of rot and remove them and replace them with new wood. Try to use the same species of wood for repairs, but if it is not available, use a material that is the closest match to the original materials. Using stains when you finish the floors, you will be able to hide the repairs. If you have a lighter wood for the repairs, apply a coat of darker stain to the wood before doing repairs to get a closer color match to the original flooring.

These are some tips to restore the shine to your hardwood floors and make them look like new again. Contact a dustless floor sanding service to get help preparing your floors for a new finish.