If you are about to rip up all your flooring in your home, you may want to consider some different approaches. You potentially could use the same approach for every type of flooring, but some of the results could be really disastrous. Consider all of the following approaches, and then choose the ones that fit your needs best.

Hack Away

Some homeowners really enjoy this approach as total destruction can be fun. Ripping floors up without a second thought means hacking away at them with a sledgehammer, crowbar, carpet knife, etc. If you have no intent of ever reusing or re-purposing the materials, hack away. Just be careful that you do not send splinters or shards of wood and ceramic tile into your face without proper eye protection.  Another thing to be careful of is that you do not slam through the base floor. You will recognize it by the thicker, firmer timbers you see overhead in the basement or by the boards that all travel one direction and are not stained.

Careful Cutting and Prying

If you want to recycle or re-purpose the flooring materials you pull up, then carefully pry up wood planks with a crow bar or the prying end of a hammer. This process is much slower, but it saves a lot of materials that can be reused. You may even choose to reuse some of the flooring you pulled up in another part of your house. Tiles can be cut loose with a concrete cutting saw, and carpet rippers can cut chunks of carpet out. Any materials that are in reasonably good shape you can donate to a local charity store that sells the used building materials to help people in need.


Scraping is pretty common with tile floors and wood floors that you want to restore. If they are already breaking up and are chipped or broken, a tile scraper can make short work of the tiles by chipping away at everything that is loose and then giving you some edges to work with to pull up the rest. This is often more time-consuming than careful cutting and prying but less messy than sledgehammers, which produce a lot of stone dust and can damage your lungs. If you still opt for smacking the daylights out of the floors with a sledgehammer, be sure to wear a respirator and goggles.

Talk with a professional from a company like Florida Floor Specialist LLC to learn more about removing different flooring.